The Statement of Commitment to Unity

We are followers of Jesus from many different traditions - historic protestant, Catholic, non-denominational, Messianic Jewish, and more - who are committing to love, peace, unity and justice. We believe loving God and loving others are highest priorities. We are excited about the growing commitment to one another that we are witnessing in the greater Cincinnati area and beyond, both inside and outside the four walls of the church and across racial, ethnic, denominational, and economic lines.

Over the past few years, we have seen cooperation in the spirit of service and justice among groups as diverse as AMOS, City Servants, the Catholic Archdiocese, Transformation Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, the Beacon of Hope Business Alliance, City Gospel Mission, the CityLink Center, Whole Again, Crossroads Church, and dozens of other congregations and faith leaders around our city. We are eager to continue to work together so followers of Jesus can truly be a source of hope and promise in our city. In this spirit:

* we commit to repsect our various theological differences and institutional priorities while working together in ways that advance God's Kingdom for all;

* we commit to put aside personal agendas for the greater purpose of serving God and each other as we learn to humble ourselves before God and submit to one another;

* we commit to treat each other with respect, patience, understanding, humility, grace, and mercy as we love and forgive each other unconditionally;

* we commit to eliminate gossip from our conversations and prayer times;

* we commit to resolving any interpersonal differences with one another quickly and in humility, love, forgiveness, and       truth, following the pattern given by Christ himself in Matthew 18.

We acknowledge that Jesus' call to love is irrevocable, that we are better together than we are apart, and that no one has all the answers. We cannot accomplish what God desires for this city, nation, and world unless we model the love of Christ and work together on a much deeper level of unity and commitment to the lordship of Christ.

Believing this is God's call, we invite all followers of Christ to add their names to this commitment.

Unify Cincy Luncheons

What would happen if every Christian leader (a leader is anyone with influence over 2 or more people) in the Greater Cincinnati area humbly came together to collectively connect, unite, and support Kingdom initiatives all over the city? With this idea in mind, we welcome all Christian leaders in the city to the next bi-annual Unify Cincy Luncheon from 11:30AM to 1pm on November 15, 2018 at City Gospel Mission @  2055, 1805 Dalton Ave downtown Cincinnati. Expect great fellowship, intentional networking and collaboration, and insightful discussions from a very diverse community dedicated to putting their differences aside to change the face of Cincinnati for the Kingdom of God.